From the No-Kill Community Coalition:

The Lane County Board of Commissioners will be deciding in November whether or not the Lane County Animal Services Advisory Committee will be allowed to continue or will be disbanded. We need people to show up for their regular weekly Weds meetings and comment. The meetings are every Weds at 9am, unless otherwise posted. The public comment period is usually first thing and you have 3 minutes to comment. The next meeting on Oct 24th will be in the Commissioners conference room at the Public Service Building, 125 East 8th Avenue, Eugene, OR 9740. You can go to and check to make sure about each weekly meeting and which room it will be held in and what time the public comment period will be.

Let them know that you want the AC to continue until a multi jurisdictional oversight committee can be created. Lane County needs to have a committee in place to voice the community's concerns regarding
the way our county's homeless animals are cared for. We need a committee that is dedicated to making sure that the shelter uses all possible resources to find forever homes for the adoptable animals in their
charge and has written plans to help the treatable animals that need therapy and rehabilitation.

Please ask the commissioners to immediately appoint new members to the committee to fill the vacancies that have been left unfilled. I personally believe that it would be very convenient for three of the
commissioners to have the AC just go away. They do not like to hear about the problems arising from the transition of LCAS to a private vendor. They would just as soon wash their hands of it and look the
other way as far as animal suffering and neglect.

Don't let them get away with disbanding the LCAS Advisory Committee.

Please attend and bring friends to comment also.
If you can't attend please write them an e-mail, or do both!!